Smile... Don't forget...

I bet you all know about the chain letter smile.jpg, right? Well I, Johnathan Hall, have discovered one way to defeat The Smile Dog.... One way.... It might be the only way!

  1. Receive the original smile.jpg image. You may not want to, but you have to! You must complete my experiment!

  2. Stare at it for a good 10-20 minutes. After this, you will feel extremely dizzy and want to scream. This is good. Continue with the experiment

  3. Smile. You MUST smile! Smile Dog will know you are worthy and will spare you.

  4. Spread the Word. Forward the image. Don't stop until you do...

  5. You are now free to scream

Now go... Spread the word...

Local NewspaperEdit

It has been confirmed that Dr. Johnathan Hall was insane. Officials have found his body in his apartment, hanging from a noose. The police went on to his computer with his e-mail open, and a strange picture with a dog smiling and the caption 'spread the word.'