Hello, I'm Liu... You may have heard the story of my brother. Go To Sleep, Smile, Jeff the Killer, I don't know what it was called... But anyways, his name is Jeff. You may have heard we moved into a new neighborhood, we got into a fight, I went to juvy, he turned evil, blah blah blah... But Jeff... Was whack from the start...

What really happened is that we moved into a new neighborhood because of Jeff. What can I say other then... He trashed the town... Yep... TRASHED IT. Everything, either graffitied or destroyed. We moved into that new town to run from the law... My parents were protecting Jeff. Making sure their little 'baby' didn't get arrested.

Our neighbor... Barbara, I think her name was, didn't know who Jeff was or what he did in the past, so she invited him to her son's birthday party. My mom actually refused to let Jeff go, but he insisted, and my parents would let Jeff do anything.

So we were waiting at the bus stop, and I'm pretty sure Randy and his gang knew who Jeff was and wanted to protect the town and stop Jeff. So... they tried to attack Jeff. But Jeff came right back and stabbed Randy. Jeff left the knife and we ran...

Soon the police came and knocked on the door, because of a witness, they came to our house.... Knowing Jeff criminal past I knew I had to take this one for the team. shockingly when the police were taking me away, Jeff did not want me to go but I knew I had to, I promised him that I would be back soon but who knew I would come home to a completely different looking Jeff. Dick

Bitches Be CrazyEdit